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The objective of every volume staffing project is to develop a pipeline of qualified candidates in advance of anticipated client needs where multiple requirements exist that are very similar.

The first step is to obtain a full understanding of our client's requirement in terms of candidate qualifications plus the desired number of candidates required to fill the pipeline.

We then prepare and submit a detailed proposal letter and position description that forms the basis of understanding between all parties concerning the size of the pipeline, requirements of the position, qualifications sought, professional fees and other details of the volume staffing project.

Project Planning

After approval of the volume staffing proposal, we develop a specific volume staffing search strategy including target industries, potential candidate position titles and geographic scope of the search effort.

We develop a comprehensive list of target companies and identify potential candidates that we will contact during the candidate contact and development phase.

A wide range of research processes are utilized including our historical databases, personal networking contacts, printed business directories, the Internet, online databases, association directories, proprietary CD databases and strategic research partners.

We review the initial target company list with our client to ensure we do not interfere with sensitive business relationships between our client and any of the potential target companies.

Candidate Contact and Development

Our objective is to contact and evaluate a sufficient number of qualified candidates to satisfy the defined number of pipeline requirements. The focus is on identification of candidates who are both interested and appear to be qualified.

We utilize a combination of email and personal phone calls to make contact with potential candidates in the identified target companies.

Interviewing and Evaluation

We schedule and conduct multiple phone interviews with potentially qualified candidates to assess their competencies in terms of knowledge, experience, qualifications, personality and interest in the client opportunity.

Candidate Presentations to Client

Our objective is to present a sufficient number of qualified candidates to fill and maintain the specified number of qualified candidates in the pipeline.

We prepare written candidate reports including our interview impressions, candidate resumes and a summary of candidate strengths and weaknesses relative to the position requirements. Those reports are emailed to our clients on a weekly basis.

Project Status Reporting

During the conduct of the project staffing project, we review project status with the client on a weekly or more frequent basis in accordance with our client’s wishes.

The content of the weekly status reviews will include any and all information that is currently available relative to overall status of the project. Reports are customized as necessary to meet specific client needs.