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Recruiting Services


We provide volume staffing services which are used by our client companies to recruit mid-level managers where multiple requirements exist that are very similar.

Volume staffing provides a pipeline of qualified candidates in advance of needs. We recently completed a volume staffing project for a large aerospace company who had projected needs for 50 systems engineers based on anticipated receipt of a major contact. We identified, evaluated and presented over 300 qualified candidates who were available on short notice when our client received the contract.

There are three major reasons why JHA is hired by client companies to conduct volume staffing projects. The first is to save time and effort by having a pipeline of pre-qualified candidates available for immediate interview as the need arises. The second is to gain access to the most qualified talent in their industry. The third is to control cost-per-hire.

We utilize a proven volume staffing process that enables us to identify, contact, evaluate and present large numbers of qualified candidates and provides a pipeline of candidates for situations where our clients need fast response.

For information on the client benefits that we deliver using our volume search process, please review volume staffing benefits.