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Jack Hurst & Associates was created over 30 years ago to provide retained executive search services to high technology and manufacturing  industries throughout the United States. Our original mission was to identify, evaluate and recruit outstanding executive talent for our client companies.

Over time, we collaborated with our clients, consulting partners and strategic partners to develop an integrated  combination of recruiting services. Our services include executive search, volume staffing, diversity recruiting, recruitment process outsourcing, contingency search and  executive assessment.

These services are designed to help our clients develop and sustain high performance leadership organizations that outperform their competitors.

While we provide a group of integrated staffing services, our core services are Retained Search and Contingency Search. There are significant differences between the two services.

Retained vs. Contingency Searches: What’s the Difference?

When companies seek to hire full-time talent, they typically have one of three options:

  • They can manage the process themselves, using advertising, their networks, and/or social networks.
  • They can use retained search consultants.
  • They can use a contingency recruiter.
  • Most companies have likely gone through the first option, in some form, in order to hire new staff. The advantage is that you retain full control of the process, but you also have to find candidates, contact potential candidates, screen responses, interview candidates, check references, and make decisions without an outside perspective.

It's a laborious process and, when added to your normally full plate, can be overwhelming. Therefore, many companies prefer to outsource hiring to recruiters.

Following are the pros and cons for retained vs. contingency searches.

Retained Searches

A retained search means the hiring company agrees to pay the recruiter on a monthly retainer basis and works with them exclusively. In turn, the recruiter commits to apply continuous effort until the position is staffed with a well qualified candidate.

This type of relationship is appropriate when:

  • The position you're hiring for is greater than $100,000.
  • The position is at an executive (or senior) level.
  • The skill sets you are hiring for are scarce in the market.
  • The position is a critical need that must be filled with the right talent.
  • You want dedicated resources to your hiring needs and you want a commitment from the recruiter to apply continuous effort until the position is staffed with a well qualified candidate.
  • You want a strategy/plan for identifying, screening, evaluating, and hiring the proper candidate.
  • You want market feedback, including candidate names sourced and screened.
  • You want to identify potential candidates outside your local market.

Contingency Searches

A contingency search means the hiring company pays the recruiter only when a new hire starts work. The recruiter normally submits candidates but there is no commitment to staff the position.

This type of relationship is appropriate when:

  • The position you're hiring for is less than $100,000.
  • Many people will likely be qualified for the position.
  • You have multiple positions being filled.
  • You are considering upgrading talent on your team only if the right candidate is available.
  • Your own network is not yielding qualified candidates.
  • You want to compare/benchmark candidates to the candidate you have identified (on your own) to ensure you have truly identified the right person.

Which approach you use is solely dependent on your goals for the open position(s).

The remainder of this section provides an overview of each of the six services that we offer. Information on how we do it is contained in the processes section. Information on benefits for our clients is provided in the benefits section.