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Client companies utilize our executive assessment services to  help senior managers and executives obtain necessary information to enable them to progress from good to outstanding leaders. The objective is to assess individuals in a positive manner to obtain their enthusiastic participation.

Executives who participate in our executive assessment process receive information about their personality, leadership style, emotional intelligence and other psychometric information. In addition, they receive information about issues and problems that may be limiting their current performance and need to be addressed. Finally, they may receive information about how well they fit with the culture and style of the client company

There are two major reasons why JHA executive assessment services are utilized by client companies. The first is to use executive assessment results to help existing executives understand issues that are limiting their performance and need to be addressed. The second is to assist senior management in the selection process for hiring of external managers and executives.

Executive assessment is an integrated process where our consulting team utilizes a combination of psychometric instruments and behavioral interviewing techniques. They work  one-on-one with senior managers and executives to identify problems and issues that when resolved will enable the individual to perform at a higher level. Those issues are broad in scope and involve personality, motivation, training, management style and emotional intelligence.

For more information on our executive assessment service, please review executive assessment process and executive assessment benefits.