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The purpose of JHA executive assessment services to provide necessary information to help senior managers and executives  to progress from good to outstanding leaders.

The first step is to obtain a full understanding and debrief on the status of the executive or executives where assessment is desired. We obtain this debrief from the top executives who have a vested interest in the outcome of the process.

We then prepare and submit a detailed proposal letter to define the scope of the executive assessment process including costs and timing.

After approval of the proposal letter, we develop a project plan for each executive to be assessed. The typical assessment project plan combines in-depth interviewing with use of psychometric profiles.

The process begins by meeting individually with each of the executives involved in the assessment process to conduct an in-depth interview to review current company situation, career history and identification of issues and problems that need to be resolved.

The next step in the process utilizes a combination of psychometric instruments such as the Strong Interest Inventory, WAIS, 16PF and the MBTI profile and DiSC Profiles to obtain an understanding of the executives personality, work behavior preference and other personality attributes. In addition, evaluation of Emotional Intelligence and fit with the company culture will be explored.

The process concludes with a second meeting with the involved individuals to share all information obtained during the process and reach conclusions on follow-up efforts to resolve the identified issues and problems. When appropriate, we may recommend executive coaching if the individual is receptive.