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The objective of every diversity recruiting project is to recruit and hire a superior diversity candidate whose personality, experience and qualifications are a match with our client's requirement.

We start each assignment by obtaining a full understanding of our  client’s business situation in terms of company goals, problems/opportunities, strengths/weaknesses and current priorities.

We next seek to obtain a full understanding of the position requirement(s) in terms of education, experience and job competencies that are required to accomplish the desired business objectives.

We prepare and submit a detailed proposal letter and position description that forms the basis of understanding between all parties concerning the requirements of the position, qualifications sought, professional fees and other details of the search.

Project Planning

After approval of the search proposal letter, we develop a specific search strategy including target industries, potential candidate position titles and geographic scope of the search effort.

We document the search strategy which includes timing of major steps in the process, confidentiality level, target industries, potential candidate position titles, research processes, target dates for major events and project status reporting requirements.


The major difference between traditional executive search and diversity recruiting is the initial research and sourcing for candidates. We network with a number of diversity organizations to identify, evaluate and recruit qualified diversity candidates for a broad range of industries.

We develop a comprehensive list of target companies and identify potential diversity candidates that we will contact during the candidate contact and development phase.

We review the initial target company list with our client to ensure we do not interfere with sensitive business relationships between our client and any of the potential target companies.

Candidate Contact and Development

Our objective is to contact and evaluate the identified universe of potential diversity candidates in the target companies. The focus is on identification of the subset of candidates who are both interested and appear to be qualified.

We utilize a combination of email and personal phone calls to make contact with potential diversity candidates in the identified target companies.

Interviewing and Evaluation

We schedule and conduct personal interviews with interested and qualified candidates to assess their job competencies in terms of knowledge, experience, qualifications, personality, Emotional Intelligence, management style, leadership style and motivation relative to the position requirements.

We utilize competency interviewing methods that include both behavioral and situational interviewing techniques. Where appropriate, we utilize psychometric instruments such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and DiSC Personal Profile (DiSC) to better understand personality and motivation.

Final Candidate Presentations to Client

Our objective is to present five-to-seven candidates that we believe are fully capable of handling the leadership assignment. Each will be different in personality and style but all will share the common attributes of experience, capability, intelligence and motivation that are required for success in the assignment.

We prepare comprehensive written candidate reports including our interview impressions, candidate resumes, personality profiles and a summary of candidate strengths and weaknesses relative to the position requirements.

Final candidate reports are presented to the client during a personal meeting, if possible, so that we can answer any questions regarding the candidate’s suitability for the assignment.

Client Interviews with Final Candidates

We assist our clients in scheduling of candidate interviews and ensure that both parties are fully briefed in advance of each meeting.

After the interviews, we obtain reactions from each party and seek to assist our client in additional evaluation of the preferred and final candidate(s). 

Negotiations and Wrap-up

We assist in contract and compensation negotiations, review prospects for career progression, and obtain any additional formal background or reference information that is needed.

During typical negotiations, our client wants to keep cost under control and the candidate wants to maximize income and opportunity. Our role is to serve as a trusted and impartial third party to balance the interests of both client and candidate, while ensuring that the process stays on track.

Our objective is to ensure that the final result effectively meets the needs and expectations of both parties. This benefits both parties and leads to a successful negotiation.

Project Status Reporting

During the conduct of the diversity recruiting search project, we review project status with the client on a weekly or more frequent basis in accordance with our client’s wishes.

Quarterly Follow-Up

After an offer has been extended and accepted, our involvement continues. We stay “in the loop” with our client until the new executive is successfully situated in the new position. We remain in touch with the new executive throughout the first year in the new assignment to help ensure a successful transition.