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Client companies utilize our diversity recruiting search services to recruit diversity senior managers and executives for critical leadership positions. Key requirements are to identify and evaluate the best talent currently available in their industry.


To find this talent, we identify our client's top competitors and network with a variety of diversity organizations to identify and evaluate diversity candidates who are currently employed in those companies. The objective is to identify  "passive candidates" who are currently performing well in their current positions and not actively seeking new employment. For a typical diversity recruiting assignment, we identify 300 to 400 potential candidates.


We next contact and interview this group of potential candidates to determine who is interested and learn more about their background, qualifications and interest in considering the position opportunity we are presenting. Out of this group, we narrow the focus to 20 to 30 candidates who will be interviewed and evaluated in greater detail. The end result is presentation of five to seven well qualified candidates to our client.


We are committed to provide the following client benefits for every executive search assignment:

  • Present only diversity candidates during the scope of the diversity search project
  • Staff each position with a superior diversity candidate
  • Complete each assignment on a timely basis
  • Produce cost-effective results
  • Promote a positive image of our client in the marketplace
  • Maintain positive client relationships
  • Keep our client posted on status on ongoing basis