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Candidate evaluation is both an Art and a Science. Science in the sense that we want to select a final candidate who has the necessary education, work experience and knowledge required to succeed in the position. Art is the sense that we want to be sure that the personality, intellect, motivations, work and behavioral styles are a good match for the company culture and current business challenges.

Finally, we want to know that the opportunity meets the candidate's career objectives. In short, we want this to work equally well for both parties!

To achieve that objective, we begin with the assumption that past performance is the best indicator of future performance. So, we start by examining the candidate's resume to ensure that the necessary education, experience and desired career growth is reflected in the resume.

Next, we initiate the first of several phone or personal interviews with the candidate to conduct a series of Behavioral Interviews to better understand how the candidate has deal with challenges and accomplished results in the past. We obtain the MBTI Profile and the DISC Profile to help understand the personality and behavioral characteristics that are natural for the candidate.

We conduct additional phone interviews to explore the candidate's background in greater detail including evaluation of Emotional Intelligence and probable fit with the company culture. We introduce the candidate to our client and suggest a preliminary phone interview to allow the client and candidate to get a feel for each other. If the client phone interview goes well, we conduct a final short phone interview to address any additional questions that have surfaced.

If all is well, we help the client arrange a personal interview with the candidate at the company site. If both parties want to proceed after the face-to-face interviews, we collect all questions and concerns from both parties and address those concerns. For the candidate, we seek to obtain answers to all remaining questions. For the client, we conduct an in-depth reference check and also seek to obtain answers to any remaining questions that our client has.

After this part of the process is completed and we determine that both parties want to go forward, we obtain information about the candidate's expectations for an offer and the client's expectations to make the offer. We then work with both parties to reach a final compromise on an offer that is acceptable to both parties. After acceptance of the offer, we monitor the reactions of both parties for the next twelve months to provide any assistance or help to pave the way for a successful relationship.