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Fundamental to the evaluation of the capabilities of any individual is the time-tested observation that past performance is the best predictor of future performance. Determining past performance and readiness to repeat that performance is part of what makes evaluation of people so fascinating. This determination is both ART and SCIENCE.

The purpose of our recruiting services is to help our clients obtain and maintain competitive advantage through the recruitment of superior executive talent. We succeed by recognizing that executive search is a combination of art and science and utilizing our industry knowledge, professional resources and creativity to provide personalized and responsive service.

The ART is in the intangibles that we experience when we have a "gut feeling" about something. Characteristics like people skills, management and leadership style, values and beliefs all fall in the category of intangible that we experience when we talk with someone for an extended period of time. Much of this is right brain activity that is sometimes difficult to explain in a rational basis yet is very real. We call it intuition. If everything about a candidate looks good on paper (science) and you don't feel right about it (art), then something is wrong and your right brain is sending you that message.

The SCIENCE is in the things we can measure to some degree such as  education, years of experience, accomplishments, personality profiles, etc. If you have the right gut feeling (art) but it's not supported by the facts (science) then your left brain is sending you a message that something is wrong. Bottom line - the art and science (your left brain and right brain impressions) need to be in agreement for you to have a high probability of selecting the right candidate and making the right decision.

At Jack Hurst & Associates, we’ve been fine-tuning both the art and the science of executive search for over 25 years. We utilize a Candidate Evaluation process that combines the Art and Science of understanding people well enough to make high reliability selections for specific client situations. In a profession where success generates repeat business, our longevity is not just a measure of our commitment to succeed but of the trust we’ve earned from our many clients. Trust is at the heart of our long-lasting client relationships – and it’s built on our record of proven results.

Also integral to our success is this belief: that our goal is not just to find the best person for a job – but the best job for the person. We are dedicated to finding candidates who are not only qualified, but whose careers will be enhanced by the opportunity the position offers.

Because the true measure of our success in practicing the art and science of executive search lies not only in successful placements, but in successful people.