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About Us

JHA (Jack Hurst & Associates) was formed by Jack Hurst over 30 years ago to provide a broad range of recruiting services to high technology and manufacturing industries  throughout the United States.

Since our founding, we have worked with many companies ranging in size from small startups to $40 billion in revenues.  During that time, we have successfully recruited hundreds of senior managers and executives for our client companies and developed a reputation as a highly effective recruiting resource.

It's no secret that superior organization performance is driven by outstanding leadership. Capital and physical resources, excellent  products and marketing prowess are simply the price of admission to get on the playing field. Sustained competitive advantage can only be obtained through the differential advantage gained by superior human capital assets.

Recognition of this fundamental truth is the driving force behind our continual efforts to develop and implement highly sophisticated processes to identify, evaluate and recruit outstanding executive talent for our client companies. Developing highly effective leadership organizations is a combination of recruiting superior talent and working with existing management teams to train and develop internal talent to achieve maximum organizational performance.

To help our client companies achieve both objectives, we have developed and worked with our highly skilled Consulting Partners and other Strategic Partners to develop a broad range of recruiting services that are offered to technology and healthcare companies throughout the United States. These services are designed to assist client companies to both recruit outstanding talent and to develop internal talent – all with the objective of developing and sustaining superior human resource leadership organizations.

This website is focused on presentation of the resources and methods utilized by JHA to help our client companies create and sustain high performance leadership organizations. If you need additional information or client references, please contact us at your convenience. Thanks for visiting our website.