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About Us 


We exist for one purpose which is to help our client companies gain competitive advantage in today’s frenetic Internet-time economy.

We believe that capital and physical resources, superior products and marketing prowess are simply the price of admission to get on the playing field. Sustained competitive advantage can only be obtained through the differential advantage gained by superior human capital assets.

It takes committed leadership and an empowered workforce to transform capital, physical resources, processes and technology into growth, profits, productivity and competitive advantage.

Our purpose is to work in partnership with our client companies to recruit and help develop the leadership capital that they need to grow and prosper.

Our vision is to serve as a strategic partner in helping our clients build world-class high-performance organizations by providing innovative and cost effective leadership recruiting and organization consulting services.

To be successful, executives must be able to deliver optimum performance within the unique cultural framework of the organization. Our challenge is to identify the best qualified candidates who are also the best possible fit with our client’s culture and environment.

We measure our success in meeting that challenge by the quality of the executives we recommend and the long-term success they achieve for our clients.